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Approaching to wine

Our hotel in Lido di Camaiore offers an interesting course on approaching wine and pair with the dishes.

With our experienced sommeliers and thanks to our wine cellar with selected labels we are able to propose during our stay in the hotel, an interesting course on approaching wine and pair with the dishes.

The course is structured in three parts:
1st "The pleasure of tasting":
How to judge the visual appearance and smell and taste of the wine; The "words" of tasting.
Guided tasting of two wines and draft sensory games to learn more about our sense.

2nd "Enology in small doses"
The vinification of a white wine, a red wine and a sparkling wine. The oenology words (eg. Barricaded, cuvee, Brut, etc)
Guided tasting of three wines.

3rd "Food, drink and tricks of the trade":
Understand and appreciate the wine with the right service from the cup to the temperature, combine it with no errors by applying the most basic of food-wine pairing techniques and learn how to deal with those who demonstrate long in terms of wine knowledgeable, valuing themselves and the proposed wine. Taste of two wines with its simple dishes to better understand the pairing technique. СУДЕБНЫЙ НАЛОГ:
1,5 евро в день на человека в течение первых 7 дней. Дети до 14 лет освобождены от уплаты.


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