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Canyoning in Versilia

Canyoning day in Versiliawith torrent descent activity following its course along the waterways.

Our canyoning offer in Versilia is aimed at those who want to practice or try the descent of the streams following the course along the waterways that over the millennia have slowly excavated the bed in the rock of the mountains.
It is a fun sport that takes place in a wild environment, between rope descents, slides and jumps.
The Apennines and the Apuan Alps contain real jewels suitable for this activity which is increasingly known and practiced in recent years.
It is a fascinating activity that can be carried out in groups and is aimed at people who in the summer months look for a day in "fresh" places far from the crowded beach.

Every Wednesday from mid-June to mid-September
All canyoning activities in Versilia are accompanied by the UIAGM Alpine Guides of ProRock Outdoor, the only ones qualified to professionally conduct people in outdoor activities with the help of ropes
HALF DAY (from 8.00 to 13.00 from 14.00 to 19.00)
LOCATION: TORRENTE SERRA, SERRAVEZZA + walking path from the car to reach the stream 10 minutes
TECHNICAL MATERIALS REQUIRED: wetsuit, full body harness, helmet.
COST € 35 per person + RENTAL MATERIAL: KIT € 15.00 each item € 5,00
It is possible to hire (see above). It is always necessary to bring with you: comfortable and seasonal clothing, old sports shoes, a
towel and a spare, food, water.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 4. The program can still be carried out with a smaller number of people, under the conditions that will be agreed with the interested parties.

Contact us for more information. COURT TAX:
1.5 euros per day per person for the first 7 days. Children up to 14 years old are exempt.

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